What we can offer

Sky is both a content creator, platform aggregator and multi-platform distribution business with the freedom to try new and creative things with our content.  When we launch new products and services we have an unrivalled ability to take them to a mass market in five territories in Europe through our scale and expertise.

As a strategic partner we want to create sustainable value for the companies we work with and have a track record of creating opportunities that add to valuations.  We do this by helping our partners share in Sky’s success while providing them with the support to export the successful new ideas and concepts we collaborate on into new markets.  

Sky offers partners a wide range of benefits and expertise, including:

  • Europe's largest media and entertainment company
  • Support in defining strategic direction in content, media, communications, monetisation, and distribution
  • A route into UK/EU markets and beyond with a vertically integrated route to scale customer rollouts in Europe
  • A Tier 1 B2B commercial partner, anchor-tenant, or blue-chip case study
  • Access to premium content and talent
  • A potential source of investment
  • Support for good financial outcomes and exits through successful commercial partnerships
  • Committed Board Observers, recognised as experts in their industry
  • An excellent track record of follow-on investments and supporting successful exits