What we look for

In partnering with startups we focus on key interests and requirements when it comes to commercial deals and investments. These are divided into a number of areas which are relevant to our core business, including: 

•  Innovative and disruptive consumer video services
•  New ways of creating, delivering and monetising video content
•  Growing our participation in the digital economy and growing our digital advertising business (Sky Media)
•  Delivering more efficient advertising, marketing, sales and service
•  Engaging better with our emerging Millennial and younger audiences
•  Improving our technology: especially data management, analytics and decisioning capabilities

We collaborate with innovators who can work with us to help improve what we offer our customers – testing new concepts, experimenting with new technologies, or exploring new business models.  

We are flexible in our investment approach, having participated across varying stages from Seed to late. We are not a fund but have the ability to invest in compelling startups on a case by case basis.

What are we looking for