Sky Startup Investments & Partnerships

Sky Startup Investments & Partnerships are interested in collaborating with innovators who can help improve what we offer our customers and can collaborate with us to test new concepts, experiment with new technologies, or explore new business models.  As well as supporting innovation in Europe, we’re also active in the US, developing relationships and identifying strategic investment opportunities.  Here’s more information about our team.

Emma Lloyd

Director, Corporate Business Development and Investments (London)

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Marek Rubasinski

Director, Sky Startup Investments & Partnerships (London)

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John Jelley

Vice President, Business Development (San Francisco)

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Luca Franchi

Vice President, Tech Futures (San Francisco)

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Ben Sales

Head of Partnerships (London)

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James McClurg

Head of Investments (London)

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Mike Martin

Senior Manager, Investments (London)

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